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Backbone for Living Your LIFE PURPOSE

One of the most challenging phases in a young girls life is navigating the opportunities and obstacles of middle school. Matriculation through middle school can be a daunting experience for any pubescent girl due to massive changes in all aspects of her being and environment influences. Studies have consistently shown that once girls enter into middle school there is a drastic drop in confidence and self-esteem levels compared to their male counterparts. Self-esteem and confidence are the fundamental building blocks in succeeding through achievements and failures.

Our Vision

EMPOWER students to discover their unique PURPOSE and impact the world.

Our Mission

Sage Leadership Academy strives to provide students a platform of relevant workshops to unlock their self-esteem and utilize their voice.

Our Values

We cultivate the development of the next generation of leaders through education and service. This culture is anchored in our 7 values:

  1. Excellence: In all we do and say
  2. Motivation: Utilize our gifts and talents to edify ourselves and others
  3. Purposeful: Intentional in all our efforts
  4. Originality: Empowered to LOVE our authentic selves
  5. Wisdom: Seek knowledge before action
  6. Ethical: Affirm and Action upon our moral compass
  7. Resilience: Endure adversity and Grow forward

Discover Your Purpose

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