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Rachel Malbasa

I participated in two of the workshops with Sage Leadership Academy and it was an amazing opportunity. I have learned so much more about myself and have had so much more confidence after this experience.

Kristen Malbasa
- Mom

I’m immensely grateful for the transformation I’ve seen in my daughter since she participated in classes with Sage Leadership Academy. The inspiring curriculum and dedicated mentorship of Sherrise Trotz have nurtured her confidence, cultivated her leadership skills, and instilled a deep sense of self-worth, making her a resilient, compassionate, and visionary leader. I wholeheartedly endorse Sage Leadership Academy to any parent seeking to foster their daughter’s potential and shape her into a future trailblazer.

Kate Schultz
- Mom

Sage Academy has been absolutely wonderful. Not only does it provide a top-notch program, but it also fosters an environment where raising strong, kind, and driven children is paramount. The dedication to instill fundamental values in our children is truly remarkable. When my child stepped foot into Sage Academy, she was met with warmth, encouragement, and a sense of belonging. The curriculum incorporates essential life skills and values that are often overlooked. My child truly enjoyed attending Sage Academy and is eagerly looking forward to each new opportunity to learn and grow. The unique approach is something I wholeheartedly recommend. Sage Academy is dedicated to shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Kate Hinrichs
- Mom

We are not only thrilled that the VIPs were enriched but also their parents provided wonderful testimonies: This program quite literally changed my shy teenage daughter into a self assured young woman. | would highly recommend this program to all teen girls looking to elevate their confidence and identify their own personal strengths. Sage leadership academy is a complete game changer and | can’t recommend it highly enough.

Marsha Nsoga
- Mom

My daughter attended the pilot group and she said she had a wonderful time. She liked that she was able to reflect upon herself, evaluate and come out with a goal to work towards at the end. She enjoyed the interaction with girls her age to hear their thoughts and feelings as well. Well worth her time spent and challenged her thinking about herself.

Alana Horne
- Mom

My daughter participated in the self-esteem workshop. The experience has proven invaluable. This is her first year of middle school. Sage provided confidence and strengthened her self-esteem. Even in a virtual space, the collective of girls shared experiences and learned from amazing women. She is eagerly waiting for the next event!

Thank You VIPs and Parents for the Feedback, Support and Encouragement

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